His Grace Overflows

Summer is a busy time for me, and my family, too. We just celebrated our little Kuya’s 7th birthday early this month, and I’m happy to say the guests were more than we expected! We thought a lot of people would be out of town since it was a long weekend, but we still had 100 plus guests come and celebrate with us. I loved that we were able to gather most of our relatives and friends together. I just hoped that we could have spent more time to catch up with each other, but since we were the hosts, we had to attend to everything so time was short. Anyway, just seeing and getting to hug them all was a big deal for me already.

Just this week, we started a week-long event at church, our Daily Vacation Bible School for kids. I get to teach two classes, and help out in the other activities too. Well, mostly the budget and planning part. When there are a lot of activities, of course you have to spend for them. But the good thing is, we know that God provides for everything He wants us to do. We simply had to trust Him. One of our breakthroughs came this morning in the form of a sponsorship from Jollibee. They will be providing snacks for our kids and volunteers tomorrow! This made me so happy, since we thought it would not push through. But we believed God for BIG things, and He did deliver on His promise πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see the happy faces when we surprise our students with their favorite fast food snack tomorrow after the graduation πŸ™‚

In all of these things, I can only look up and thank God for being sooooo good! He provides for all our needs. From our little Kuya’s party, to our church’s programs. We aren’t really rich by financial standards, but by heavenly standards we have everything we could ever need and hope for in the Lord.Β  Thank You, Lord for being such a gracious God πŸ™‚



Lesson Best Learned With a Test

I’m in a very weepy mood at this time. Crying over something that I learned tonight.

Back story is, I was assigned to teach for two consecutive sessions in church discipleship class. The topic was,Β Walking in Humility.Β There were many points about the lesson that really spoke to my heart, especially a recent incident where God really taught me a lesson in humility. And then, another test – practicum – came up just tonight.

First one was at the beginning of the week. I never foresaw that it would happen. In a nutshell and out of the blue, I gave the gift of a smile and a sincere kiss to a person that would have least expected it. And it was not even planned, premeditated, or even dreamt of. It just happened, and I can’t explain why, or how. The only thing I know is that it gave me such joy, such peace, and such gratitude that He made it happen. Truly, everything becomes beautiful in its perfect time. ❀

The second one bears heavily on my heart. I did not know that I had offended a person that I least want to offend. And I just happened to learn about it from a concerned friend. My tears have been making surprise appearances since I heard, and with a heavy heart I prayed that He would teach me how to deal with it. I don’t know how, except to sincerely ask for forgiveness. I couldn’t concentrate on work because I am bothered by this thing. I asked for forgiveness and just hoped for a positive outcome. When I thought I wouldn’t get a response, I finally did. So I burst into tears again.

Sigh. Lessons in humility. It is not just knowing when and how to say sorry and offering peace, but why. Because forgiveness is a gift that we give to ourselves, and to other people. Especially when it matters to us that we receive His peace.




Okay, so just to flush out the laziness in my system, I’m going to write about our weekend at the beach (for happy thoughts!)

We had a reunion-slash outing with our brethren from Batangas on Friday to Saturday. Back story is, last month we attended their church anniversary. Since we had not seen some of them for a long time, we had a lot of chika, reminiscing, a lot of laughter and tears of joy. In short, bitin yung time, so we decided to have a get-together again where we could relax and have quality time. Thus, the weekend beach trip.

We went to Sea Spring Resort in Anilao, Batangas. The farthest point of the town. Lol. It was so far that, we would see the beach at one point, and screams of delight would ensue. Then after a turn, it would be the mountain before us, the beach would disappear. Lol. It was like that for maybe the last hour of the trip, and it was driving the kids crazy.

We had a great time bonding with our friends – ates, manong, and kumare and pare and kids. We mostly reminisced about old times, okrayan, hot seat-an. Well, ako lang naman ata ang na-hot seat. Which I expected, actually πŸ˜€ But it was all good. The place was nice, I loved the hot pool and the sauna, though bitin ako coz I have to look after the kids. I was sad that we couldn’t swim on the beach, or even stay on the shore coz it wasn’t conducive to that. The waves were rough, and the shore was rocky. As in big rocks. So, no daydreaming by the beach.

But, all in all, it was all good. It was all good. The place, the food, the facilites. πŸ™‚ I was relaxed and refreshed, and we all felt God’s favor and blessing with us.

Today I don’t feel like doing anything…

..I just wanna lay in my bed… la la la…

I have a love-hate, on-off relationship with my Bangladeshi client. We’ve been working together since 2015, and he was actually the first client I scored on Freelancer.com. I mostly write articles for him, and we’ve both learned through the years that I am most effective working on product descriptions. We have this one online company that I started making product descriptions for more than two years ago. Every few months, they would add new items to the store, and that would mean a new project for me. It’s continuing work, and I like that.

However, working on 100 items at a time makes me bored easily. Hay.

So, basically, what I’m try’na say here is, I am in the middle of another project with them and I’m so…sooo…sooooo…. Zzzzzzzz…

Don’t judge me please. Pokmaru ako paminsan minsan. Lalo na’t mainit ang panahon at PMSing pa ako. Haaaaaaay. Katamad. -_-

When it rains…

…it pours!

Sometimes you get overwhelmed. And sometimes, you get deluged.

Thinking about it gives me a slight anxiety attack, but yeah, that’s when you learn to trust in His grace. How it’s sufficient, more than enough.

We’re in this together, Lord, so help me keep my eyes on You. Amen.

Fitness Last


I’m struggling to go back to a fitness routine, but I’m just too swamped with everything that I can’t fit it into my daily life. Sigh. Guess what my last exercise looked like? This afternoon, while cooking dinner, I was stuck in the kitchen watching over the pork chops frying. I did some stretching. Then some squats. Jumping jacks. And other bone-creaking, joint-cracking stuff. For about 15 minutes. That’s all the exercise I get!

I’ve been wanting to do some running or weight training. But because I’m always late going to bed, I can’t get up in the morning, early enough so I could squeeze in some gym time. Or running time, at least. I literally force myself to get up at 9am to attend to the little boy who’s going to school at 11 am. Then I have to cook lunch. Then eat lunch with the little girl (which takes somewhere between 1 to 2 hours). Then clean up. Then work for about three/four hours. Then the little boy returns from school. Which means I’ll have to prepare dinner again…you get the picture.

I’m just looking forward to the summer break when I would have a bit of time to spare for exercise. I hope my blood sugar and body mass index have not yet gotten off the charts by then.Β  Crossing my fingers.


So I left the kids with their dad last Saturday. I went on a three hour road trip to attend a church dedication/anniversary, and was out the whooole day. I literally left them all on their own for the day.

Come night time, when I get back home, I find them fed and hooked up to their gadgets (which they missed for the whole week, I guess). I ask how their day was, and the dad proudly tells me that they were the most behaved kids ever. Morning, they went to the mall for some playtime. When they got tired, they asked to go home. When they got home, they played quietly, the little girl even napped on her own. No world wars, no squabbles, no fighting over toys.

And then, I arrived. A little while later, they started ACTING UP. Struggle was real to get them cleaned up and dressed for bedtime. Really. How come?.. HOW COME?!

They get to spend just a SINGLE day alone with their dad, and they’re at their best behavior. But when they’re with me every.single.day, there’s no world peace. At all.



Necessity is the mother of all skills


I was cooking lunch today when the realization suddenly hit me: about ten years ago, I did not even know how to cook rice properly. LOL. Whereas now, I believe I can cook whatever it is that I want to cook. Provided of course that there’s a recipe for me to follow. So, I asked myself, how did it happen? How on earth did I learn how to cook?

Obviously, it’s because I became a mom. I had little people to look after and feed, ergo, I needed to cook. Of course, it was not a skill that I acquired overnight. It took me a lot of burnt/ under-cooked rice and bad tasting concoctions which I offered as food to unknowing people before I finally got the hang of it. But I did learn. And I did enjoy it, eventually. And, I daresay even my little family eventually learned to enjoy the food I have been preparing for them.

So, the point is, a skill is something that we can acquire. When we have a need to learn something, we can actually get ourselves to work on it until we become good at it.

The same is true with freelance work. A lot of people have actually approached me and asked for help with freelancing. Like, how do I start, where should I look for work, etc. etc. I’ve tried my best to point them to the right direction, especially those that I think need to find work asap. But I haven’t received any feedback yet as to whether they’ve actually tried applying for job postings so far, or even grabbed the skills trainings offered by various sites. Sayang lang, ‘cos there have been a lot of opportunities that I knewΒ would fit them to a T, and yet it seems they just let it pass. Oh well, maybe they don’t need it yet. Hindi pa kasing tindi ng pangangailangan ko, ika nga. LOL.

When You’re Forty


Last year was another milestone year for me, in more ways than one.

First off, I turned 40. *fireworks!!!* Yeah, the big four-oh was something that I looked forward to, something that I wanted to celebrate. And celebrate I did! I wanted to commemorate this milestone by being with family and friends who have been there for me through the years. However, since I didn’t want to go all-out extravagant, I wanted to do it in the simplest way I could without depriving myself naman. My girlfriends from Multiply days was one of the most challenging group to gather, so I figured I’d have to go out of my comfort zone (read: Marikina) to be with them, since most of them are living and working near Makati. I booked a room at the A. Venue Hotel where we could spend my birthday salubong. I just ordered some food from a new food delivery service I discovered, and we partied all night, the thundercats way. Lol. We ate, we talked, we laughed, we laughed some more, we took pictures, and then we laughed even more. Oh, how I missed laughing with these precious girls! If only I could spend more time with them, I would. They are such a crazy bunch that I feel like I’m back in my highschool days when I’m with them. Ang babaliw lang. (I bet ibabalik nila sa akin ang adjective na yan LOL). They have been my anchor during my walwal-slash-lost days, and I love, love, love them to bits. I could not imagine spending my birthday without them, and I’m glad they were there for me. Although I missed gelplen, jowa, meyma, I know they would have wanted to be there if they could. That’s enough for me πŸ™‚

The following day, my actual birthday, was spent with my family and Marikina friends. These people naman have been with me through most of my growing up years, have been there when I was an absentee family member (laging absent sa family gatherings because of…) and the friends I grew up with in church. They were those who supported me during the difficult times, the deciding moments, and they never turned their back on me. I am proud of this bunch, because we have grown our own ways and drifted apart but still remained friends through all these years. I booked the videoke room of Eat & Meat Restaurant to sing my heart out with them on my birthday. Of course, we also laughed a lot, okrayan nang kaunti, kainan, and maraming tawanan pa rin. I guess I’m blessed to be surrounded by basically happy friends who find joy and laughter in crazy, silly things. We belong together, ika nga πŸ˜€

The following day, Monday, I celebrated with my church cell group family. They are my spiritual family and encouragers who helped me get back to the church life. I couldn’t let my milestone pass without thanking God for them, too. So I brought some merienda for us to enjoy after our bible study and sharing-slash-kwentuhan time.

In all these three celebrations, my little family – Dadi, Kuya and the little girl were with me. They’re the biggest and craziest gift that I ever received in my entire 4 decades of living, and I’m more than grateful for them. Well, even if they really, really, really drive me crazy. Especially the two little people. Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Heehee. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with more than I deserve. You’re sooooooo good!!! πŸ™‚ ❀


Absentee Blogger

missing person

How long has it been since I blogged? Lol. I’ve always said that I will blog in between work, because writing something on the same topic for long periods of time bores me. So, I need to deviate from time to time in order to keep from falling asleep while working. BUT. My old tablet where my WordPress account was constantly logged in broke. And then I forgot the password. So that explains the long hiatus.

Now that I somehow got this account back, I hope I can blog more. Because blogging is therapeutic. And also because I miss my Multiply account. I recently realized that short posts are not for me – like yung limited to a number of characters lang – because I’m so talkative. Which is why sometimes I’m shy to post FB statuses because I tend to talk too much, lol. Hindi na catchy basahin :p And since I mainly just do a monologue and talk to myself to keep myself preoccupied, aside from work, blogging is the answer.

This is all for this post, just wanted to let my WordPress account know that I’m back, hopefully, for good. Welcome back to WordPress, self. :p